Mist & Other Filtration Equipment

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— Mist Collection Equipment —

WSO Filter Mist Collectors

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Versatile filter design, available in three types of media can filter water soluble mist, oil mist and smoke. Machine mountable or central type units available for all types of machining applications.

go Modular Media Mist Collectors
Designed for wet or dry filtration applications. Four sizes with numerous filter configuration options provide for use in all types of facilities. Machine tool mountable or central systems fit all types of machine tools.

— Fume Extraction Arms —


Source Capture Fume Extraction Arms

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Reach 3′ – 40′, five different diameter sizes. Bench or wall mount, self supported, lighted hoods.

enter Photos and Installations of Systems with Fume and Smoke Extraction Arms and Ductwork

http://www.slccolorado.org/storage/proscar/ Stainless Steel Fume Exhaust Arms
Use for food/chemical/pharmaceutical processes; 3″ to 8″ diameter sizes fit most applications.

Portable Air Cleaner

Portable Air Cleaner

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Source capture that is flexible to fit many applications.

— Vacuum Equipment (Industrial & Commercial) —


Central Vacuum Systems

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Units, piping, and tools. Air powered, electric, HEPA, and powder coating types.

Photos and Installations of Source Capture Vacuum Systems

Portable Vacuum Equipment

Portable Vacuum Equipment

Portable Vacuum Equipment
Numerous sizes of application-specific portable vacuum equipment for facility housekeeping tasks to heavy dust pick up in manufacturing. Excellent for powder coating applications.